(-) Residence Permits: Due to the strategic position of the island as well as to its natural beauty many choose Cyprus for relocation, work or just as the permanent or temporary residence for them and their families, through employment or purchase of property. We assist our clients with all the necessary procedures and applications to obtain a temporary or permanent residence or employment permit.

(-) Digital Nomad Visa Scheme: applies to non-EU and non-EEA nationals who provide remotely digital services for Companies / Clients outside of Cyprus using telecommunications technology, either individually, as self-employed, or as an employee for an employer registered abroad.  Upon approval, applicants receive one-year permit to reside in Cyprus, with the option of renewal for a period of another two years. In addition, their family members can also apply and obtain a temporary residence permit for the period the main applicant stays in Cyprus.

(-) Citizenship: One may apply for Cyprus Citizenship with the following ways:

(a) Naturalisation: an EU citizen or third country national must have resided for a minimum 7 years legally and permanently in Cyprus.

(b) Marriage to a Cypriot citizen: A person of full age and capacity who has married a Cypriot citizen has the right to apply for Cypriot citizenship after 3 years of marriage with the Cypriot spouse.

(c) A person can obtain Cyprus citizenship due to Cypriot origins as long as he/she satisfies certain criteria.


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