The rental market in Cyprus can be divided into two categories: Properties-residential or business- controlled by the Rent Control Law (1983) which are subject to Rent Control Courts, and the free market which subjects to Civil Litigation and District Courts. Furthermore, there are two types of tenancy, statutory and contractual. It is important to determine the type of tenancy in a given case – in order to ascertain which Court is competent to adjudicate the dispute.


The landlord-tenant relationship can often be adversarial. The most frequent types of disputes between landlord and tenant are associated with:

– Rent arrears

– Recovery of possession

– Rent fixing (increase or decrease)


As soon as a dispute arises, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, our team has a focused knowledge and experience to assist you protect your rights. Our lawyers have considerable experience representing both sides in the full spectrum of landlord-tenant matters and disputes. We set the goals and needs of our clients and we guide our clients accordingly by defining the nature of the legal issue and the available remedies and options.

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