FULLTRUST MANAGEMENT LTD is registered with the Registrar of Companies of the Republic of Cyprus, under registration number HE262675 and is the affiliate Company of GIORGOS LANDAS LLC. FULLTRUST MANAGEMENT LTD is registered in the “Registry of Eligible Persons of the Cyprus Bar Association with registration number 377, and is subject to regulation and supervision by the Council of the Cyprus Bar Association.


Fulltrust can undertake to perform the daily activities involved in operating and organising companies such as:

  • Opening bank accounts

  • Monitoring bank accounts

  • Letters of credit

  • Provide bank signatories

  • Invoicing and payments

  • Agreements preparation and execution

  • Mail and telephone handling

  • Change of share capital (increase or decrease) 

  • Preparation of shareholder agreements  

  • Transfer of shares

  • Issue of share certificates

  • Company searches 

  • Due diligence

  • Submission of forms to the Registrar of Companies

  • Obtaining of all necessary certificates of a company

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