Announcement by the Liquidator of Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd (C1) – (the “Company”)

The creditors of the Company are hereby informed that the Liquidator, Mr. Avgoustinos Papathomas, has obtained a Nicosia District Court Order pursuant to which a further extension is granted for the submission of Proof of Debt by each creditor until 12 March 2023, which is equivalent to 150 days from the date of issuance of the Court Order. The creditors are hereby also informed that, the deadline in which the Liquidator must examine and respond to each proof of debt remains at 150 days from the date on which each proof of debt was submitted. All relevant announcements regarding to the liquidation, will be uploaded on the liquidation portal: https://www.ips-docs.com/case/22WUC009CYP/Gn8@pXmv

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