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Refund for the VAT imposed on the purchase of land for the construction of a house subject to the reduced VAT rate

The Council of Ministers decided on the 12th of January 2022, for a 14% VAT refund on land purchased by a parent or a legal guardian when this is transferred to an adult child in order to construct a house.

Precondition so you can consider a beneficiary, is that you meet the criteria of the reduced 5% VAT.

This amendment is valid from the date of the Decision of the Council of Ministers, namely the 12th of January 2022.

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“Η εκπαίδευση είναι το πιο ισχυρό όπλο που μπορείς να χρησιμοποιήσεις για να αλλάξεις τον κόσμο” Nelson Mandela.

Το δικηγορικό γραφείο, GIORGOS LANDAS LLC, παρέχει σε τακτά χρονικά διαστήματα στους εργαζομένους του εκπαιδευτικά προγράμματα, σεμινάρια και βοήθεια σε ενίσχυση εκπαίδευσης.

Το 2021 οι υπάλληλοι μας παρακολούθησαν μεταξύ άλλων τα πιο κάτω σεμινάρια και προγράμματα εκμάθησης:

  • 14 Hours Course in Motivation Management for Improved Performance
  • Real Estate Masterclass
  • Advanced Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Seminar
  • Δικαστηριακές Εταιρικές Αιτήσεις
  • Προστασία Του Καταναλωτή Και Καταχρηστικές Ρήτρες
  • Η Υποχρεωτική Αυτόματη Ανταλλαγή Πληροφοριών Στον Τομέα Της Φορολογίας
  • Interim Injunctions – From Theory to Practice
  • Οικογενειακό Δίκαιο – Τι Ισχύει Σήμερα Και Οι Μεταρρυθμίσεις Που Έρχονται
  • Criminology: An approach to Criminal profiling
  • Blockchain for Lawyers course
  • CYSEC Advanced Certificate
  • CYSEC AML Certificate

Giorgos Landas LLC – российский офис

В Адвокатском бюро Giorgos Landas LLC в рамках реализуемой нами стратегии мы сформировали команду, которая специализируется на ведении дел российских и восточноевропейских компаний и частных лиц.

Мы предлагаем:

  • Услуги опытных профессиональных менеджеров, разговаривающих на двух языках, которые внимательно ознакомятся с вашими пожеланиями и потребностями вашего бизнеса.
  • Предоставление консультационных и юридических услуг
  • Учреждение и создание компаний/ведение операций на Кипре
  • Бизнес-ориентированное правовое сопровождение и решение правовых вопросов
  • Юридические услуги и правовое сопровождение в сфере недвижимости
  • Юридические услуги и правовое сопровождение в сфере коммерческой деятельности


Giorgos Landas LLC Russian Desk

Here at Giorgos Landas LLC – Law Office as part of our on-going strategy we have formed a team specifically dedicated to attend to the affairs of Russian and Eastern European companies and individuals.

 We offer:

  •   Experienced professional bilingual managers who will spend time getting to know you and your business needs.
  • Providing consulting and legal advice services
  • Setting-up and starting up companies/operations in Cyprus
  • Business-oriented legal support and coordination of legal matters
  • Legal Services and Support in Real estate
  • Legal Services and Support in Commercial Business


Με μεγάλη περηφάνεια η εταιρεία μας Giorgos Landas LLC επιλεχθήκε ως μια από τις γρήγορα αναπτυσόμενες εταιρείες στον τομέα της, μέσω του περιοδικού WHO IS WHO and MARKET LEADERS του συγκροτήματος Δία. Το περιοδικό κυκλοφόρησε με την εφημερίδα Σημερινή την περασμένη Κυριακή και προβλήθηκε η μέχρι τώρα πόρεια και το έργο μας.

Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε το περιοδικό online εδώ.

Θα μας βρείτε στη σελίδα 16 και 17 και η συνέντευξη του Διευθυντή Γιώργου Λάντα στη σελίδα 62-63



Αρχίζουν σήμερα οι κάμερες και θα γράφουν αν περάσεις την γραμμή στα φώτα.

Μετά από μια δεκαετία μπαίνουν ξανά στη ζωή μας οι κάμερες τροχαίας σήμερα Δευτέρα (25/10) και για ένα μήνα θα υπάρξει περίοδος χάριτος για τους οδηγούς. Όσοι παραβιάζουν το όριο ταχύτητας αντί να παίρνουν εξώδικο, για τις επόμενες 30 ημέρες θα λαμβάνουν προειδοποιητική επιστολή στο σπίτι τους. Από 1/1/2022 θα αρχίσουν κανονικά οι εκδόσεις εξώδικων.

Οι κάμερες έχουν τοποθετηθεί σε μια προσπάθεια από πλευράς πολιτείας για μείωση τον σοβαρών και θανατηφόρων συγκρούσεων.

Οι παραβάσεις που θα καταγράφουν θα είναι

  • Παράβαση της γραμμής αναμονής στα φώτα τροχαίας
  • Όριο ταχύτητας
  • Μη χρήση της ζώνης ασφάλειας
  • Μη χρήση κράνους από μοτοσικλετιστές
  • Χρήση κινητού τηλεφώνου
  • Μη συμμόρφωση με το φωτεινό σηματοδότη όταν το χρώμα είναι κόκκινο.

Οι τιμές για τα πρόστιμα


Παραβίαση ανώτατου ορίου ταχύτητας


Ανοχή στο όριο ταχύτητας

Το όριο θα είναι στο 10% συν 2 χλμ. Για παράδειγμα εκεί όπου το όριο ταχύτητας είναι 50 στα 58 χλμ, ο οδηγός θα καταγγέλλεται.

Όπου το όριο ταχύτητας είναι 65 χλμ, οδηγός θα καταγγέλλεται στα 74 χλμ. Αυτό θα ισχύει στις περιοχές όπου τα όρια ταχύτητας είναι 30, 50 και 65 χλμ.


Real Estate in Cyprus during the pandemic

Interview by Lawyers in Cyprus with Giorgos Landas, Managing Director of Giorgos Landas LLC

1) Why do investors choose to invest in real estate in Cyprus?

Investments in Real Estate are very popular in Cyprus, both by local and international investors. The reason is simple, the real estate market has always been very profitable in Cyprus. Specifically, in the past few years, prices are rising both in sales and rentals, despite the global pandemic and economic crisis. Cyprus always attracted people from all over the world. In the past decades, Cyprus has been transformed into a financial business center hub. Multinational companies have settled on the island due to tax benefits and because they can give their employees high- quality lifestyle. This has changed the dynamics in the real estate market, as the demand for both residential and commercial properties has increased dramatically and will continue to rise in the years to come. Further, investors from third countries can be benefited, as investments in real estate allows them to apply for permanent residence in Cyprus. 

2) What’s your role as a legal firm in the whole process of purchasing a property in Cyprus? What would you advise potential investors, how can your firm reassure their possible concerns?

Most of the time, local and foreign investors are not familiar with the basic legal aspects of purchasing a property in Cyprus. This ignorance could lead to very unpleasant, stressful, and unforeseeable situations. Our role as a legal firm specializing in real estate is to first inform and consult the client on every step of the procedure. It is very important for the client to know and be part of the process. We listen to their concerns and answer to all the legal matters that are of interest to each client. Secondly, we must run due diligence procedures related to the property, before starting the drafting of the documents and the sale and purchase procedures. Because of regular delays in the procedures of examination – by the relevant authorities – of the construction of a building, the separate title deeds might take years to be issued. The lack of a separate title deed, irregularities in the construction, encumbrances, and obligations of the developer, might cost a fortune to the investor, if not examined properly. From our part, as Giorgos Landas LLC, it is very important to review all paperwork in advance and advise on any problems or omissions with the documentation. Provided that the client understands any possible risks, we proceed with the drafting and review of the contract(s), aiming to protect our client’s interests. We handle the transaction until closing, namely the settlement of the purchase price and the transfer of ownership/transfer of title deed in the purchaser’s name. 

3) Can your firm assist an investor in applying for permanent residence in Cyprus? Why does someone choose to settle in Cyprus? Are there any benefits?

Yes, our firm, Giorgos Landas LLC, is cooperating with a big number of investors who, after the purchase or lease of property were interested in applying for temporary or permanent residence in Cyprus. Nowadays, as remote work is constantly gaining ground, there are a lot of professionals that choose to work in other countries but live in Cyprus. Some reasons are:

  • Mediterranean climate
  • High-quality educational institutions
  • Medical care
  • Beneficial tax regime
  • Professional services
  • European Union member

These are just a few reasons for which many investors and professionals choose to settle in Cyprus. Our firm can consult and assist them with the preparation, submission, and monitoring of their residency applications, and we also provide tax consultation. 

4). What are the main advantages of investing in Cyprus real estate today?

(a) Stability/High market prices

Cyprus, having recovered from the major crisis of 2008 and 2014 much faster than expected, offers property investors excellent opportunities to enrich their portfolios and take precautions against negative drops in their domestic markets.

(b) High Returns

Investors that are interested in leasing their properties, gain a very high return, as the rental market is limited and the demand is very high.

(c) No Property Tax/Low Municipality Tax

Since 2016, there is no property tax fee, for the property owners. Also, the municipal taxes are very reasonable.

5) Has the pandemic affected the real estate market?

The pandemic has affected every business and every sector. For one year, everyone was very hesitant to invest, purchase or sell real estate. The reason was that the situation got unforeseeable, and the insecurity led the investors to a  temporary pause. We haven’t experienced a dramatic drop in the prices, we haven’t experienced the panic that follows an economic crisis. Investors got their time to evaluate the situation, and after the situation was – somehow – stabilized (Vaccination available to everyone, restrictions in traveling lifted), the market started moving again.

6) Is there a future in the real estate market in Cyprus?

Of course, there is. Cyprus is a small place, developing constantly. There are ups and downs, but the real estate sector is growing. Giorgos Landas LLC is here to consult its clients properly, on all legal matters that follow an investment in real estate.

Giorgos Landas, Managing Director of Giorgos Landas LLC

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